Crussh Detox Drinks Menu


Every New Year it’s the same…

1. Work out more

2. Eat more healthy

3. Work out more

And every year come the middle of January, all that promise and hope diminishes with each bite of that (insert favourite food here) and each ‘postponed’ jog due to (insert every excuse under the sun here)

Anyway, to help send you on your way to a healthier new you in 2012, Crussh Juice Bars have devised the perfect ‘Detox Menu’.

Along with their original ‘Green Goddess Juice’, ‘Detox Catcus Super Smoothie’ and ‘Purifier Juice’, Crussh have added three new juices to their menu, the ‘Pear and Ginger Cleanser Juice‘, ‘Fresh Mint & Sicilian Lemon Hot Cleanser’ and the ‘2oz Organic Wheatgrass Shot’. All of which are created to promote a more healthy well being and detox away December’s over indulgences, whilst still tasting delicious!

What’s more they are giving away a free ‘Booster’ with any juice or smoothie during January!

The BOXPARK Crussh Juice Bar is open every day from 8am. They also have a selection of healthy breakfast and lunch options for you guys. Pop-in, say hello and grab one of their juices, it will more than make-up for that run you didn’t do this morning due to (again, every excuse under the sun to be inserted here.)

: )