Gandys BOXPARK Shoreditch

Gandys Flip Flops Pop Up 13-20/09/13

Gandys is a unique flip flop brand started by 2 passionate young brothers that have had some serious life experiences leading them to start something that has real purpose. The brothers were tragically orphaned by the Boxing Day Tsunami, which they narrowly survived themselves. Following this they wanted to turn the ultimate negative into a positive and use all of their life experience to date to help others.

Having traveled for years, both with their family and individually, the brothers have always been closely involved with helping children in developing countries. With their footwear business they felt they could build a brand on their own beliefs so they created Orphans for Orphans. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the tsunami, in 2014, the brothers are on target to open their first children’s home in their parents’ memory and eventually spread their work even further than this initial children’s home planned in India.

Their store opens on the 13th September at BOXPARK will see their first stand-alone store ever, and will see you being given the chance of winning a voucher from STA Travel worth £250! Any customer to the store will be entered, so you’ll definitely need to pop down to Unit 13!