The English tee Shop Boxpark Shoreditch Pop Up Mall London

The English Tee Shop Pop-Up 17-23/06/13

The English Tee Shop is an absolutely outstanding pun, good job their products match it.

From June 17th to June 23rd, they’ll be popping-up at BOXPARK, bringing their unique fusion of fashion and the English language with ’em.

Offering a fresh take on the basic wardrobe staple, The English Tee Shop takes references  such  as  ‘keep  a   low  profile’  , ‘to  a  tee’  and  ‘a  labour  of  love’  (to  name  but  a  few)  from the English language and lovingly hand prints them along with their true meanings onto tees. With hints of irony spread across the designs, each one seeks to inject a little fun into English.

During the week, the unit will be host to a wide selection of tees, tote bags, scarves and new product lines such as tees for men, tee dresses, sweatshirts and goodies for the home. Pop in to see this English fusion and contribute to the  brand’s  next collection by adding your favourite word or phrase to their ideas ‘brewing  wall’,  all  whilst  enjoying  a nice cup of (iced) tea!