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The prospect of opening our first real retail store in the heart of London’s trendiest district was far too good an opportunity for Smiley to pass up. BOXPARK is a great example of a blend of hyper-culturists, avid shoppers and the curious coming together to explore a very new and exciting retail experience. With so much of our brand heritage rooted in art, music and culture from the UK, we had always planned to open a true wholly Smiley-branded retail environment in London. Shopper trends have evolved so much over the last decade that more and more, consumers are hunting out the new  projects of cool which incorporate experiential marketing, connectivity with youth-culture and offer different ways to interact with brands. We loved the idea of a vacant spot of land gradually being transformed into a concrete and steel pop-up mall. The long term ambitions beyond the BOXPARK launch also excite us.

With East London gradually becoming the epicenter of the London Olympics; commercially the stakes are high to make the right kind of impact. Doing this in such a high-profile East London focal point, whilst surrounded by equally prolific brands across sports, fashion & lifestyle; is an ideal beginning to our own retail story – one we hope BOXPARK will lay the foundations for further expansion and maybe even a Smiley store near you soon!


We’d like to hope that they’ll be a special plan for every day at Boxpark. Especially with the run-up to Christmas we want to ensure that customers receive a retail experience unlike any other before. Just being a store built around an iconic brand everyone around the world knows; our BOXPARK site certainly won’t be short of smiles.

During the launch week we’ll be pumping out great music (and a few other surprises!), food, drink and the chance to win product.  We’re also working on some exciting projects to engage with visitors on a creative level.  With new ranges constantly being developed, BOXPARK will be a perfect platform to launch new product and put a smile across the face of Shoreditch. In fact, to see Smiley first, our BOXPARK store is the place to be. Already we’re planning the exclusive launch of one of our latest product ranges which will be available to buy in-store for the first time from the 28th. Throughout 2012, we’ll be hosting events, secret Smiley parties and plans for a conceptual art display are in the pipeline.

What’s most important for us is that every customer walks away from our BOXPARK store feeling great. At the heart of our brand is a philosophy of individuality combined with universal connectivity. We’re all different people connected through a powerful value; we want to be happy – and we’ll make sure you leave our store feeling just that.

“Pushing out positive vibes from a small container across the vast expanse of London”