Disappearing Dining Club BOXPARTY BOXPARK Shoreditch

Disappearing Dining Club’s BOXPARTY Xmas Pop-up 14-22/12/13

Disappearing Dining Club have thrown dinner parties in lighthouses, launderettes, abandoned music venues, inside antiques shops, over a five floor department store, in churches, salvage yards, under railway arches, in photographic studios, on film sets, in galleries, fashion stores, recording studios, private homes, car parks, on beaches, rooftops…and they are coming to BOXPARK this December.

Their ‘Boxparty’ is available one week only, Dec 16th to Dec 22nd.
Food, drink, DJ fun, booked by the hour…

It’ll be perfect for 10-20 people for lunch hour Christmas parties, afternoon break-outs, after work drinks and groups of friends looking for a fun way of getting together. The dudes will be pumping party tunes, dressing-up props and accessories, and you’ll be sent a file of party snaps as soon as you leave!

Your first hour at Boxparty is £40 per person, with a buffet of wintery stews, chunky salads, Christmas party punches, ice cold beer, wine and fizz. Your second hour is £25 per person, and £20 per person for each hour after that. There’ll be plenty of food and drink, with friendly staff on hand to help you get stuck in.

Boxparty can also be booked for a whole evening, with your own private DJ, with an extended list of food and drink you can order in advance!

Bookings & General Enquiries: 07507 754 318
Email: info@disappearingdiningclub.co.uk
Twitter: @DiningClub