Mr Gugu & Miss Go Boxpark Shoreditch

BOXPARK Asks: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

Opening June 15th: Mr Gugu & Miss Go – the sickest all-over-print sweats, leggings and tees straight from Poland to their first pop-up store here at BOXPARK!

The dudes are Polish natives, so their answers to our BIG 8 questions are full of adorable [sic]s, and we mean that in the least patronising way possible.

Check out their brand philosophy and their love for pop-chart bangers below:

1. Tell us about who you are and what you do:
Mr.Gugu & Miss Go is a fast developing clothing company from Bielsko-Biala. Its most famous feature are imprints on the manufactured clothes. The company offers sweaters, overalls, swimming suits and leggings. All are exceptionaly expressive, colourful and even close to a kitschy art like the famous hamburger t-shirt.
The current collection offers neon colours, psychedelic  imprints with wild animals, sweets or fast food meals. The brand is mostly famous of its sweaters but is going to expand the product portfolio with exceptional dresses and even furniture.

2. Which song best sums up your brand?
LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

3.What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?
You can expect a great number of visitors interested in our products. Also extreme promotional actions and unique clothes collections.

4.Which piece from your current collection is your favourite?
Our favourite sweater is Hamburger Sweater.

5. Which current BOXPARK brand are you most excited about appearing alongside and why?
We are glad that our brand joins your shops. We hope for mutual cooperation.

6. What’s the best reason to come to Shoreditch for a shopping spree
Scoreditcch is an inspiring place, attracting thousands of people interested in fashion. It’s worth visiting because you will have an opportunity to find out that shopping can give you extreme pleasure.

7. What’s your top Shoreditch tip?
The best advice is the constant struggle for perfection.

8. What does the future hold for your brand?
We want our brand to create fascinating, unusual experience for our customers. We want them to feel special in our clothes.