Mary Portas, Retail Report in hand


Mary Portas was commissioned, by none other than David Cameron (and Nick Clegg), to create: “An Independent Review into the Future of our High Streets”.

Just a couple of weeks ago, she released said report (read it: here).

We were pretty happy with what the Undisputed Retail Heavyweight Champion had to say: BOXPARK seems to be exactly what Mary would like to see the stagnant ‘High Street’ concept become.

BOXPARK has re-formatted the ‘high street’, regenerating urban land which was redundant for 40 years, putting in place a revolutionary retail concept. Creating 200 jobs along the way isn’t too bad either!

BOXPARK is a home for independent and more established brands alike; Portas states that we need to “breathe economic and community life back into our High Streets and town centres”, BOXPARK succeeds in doing this – creating a collaborative community between brands and customers, it is a place for locals to feel at home and build a new type of retail atmosphere.

Food and beverage units use fresh produce, home made sauces and meats collected that day from local markets in the area.

Foundations like Art Against Knives and Amnesty International, and brands like Smiley and Abuze London have opened their first ever concept stores and galleries.

Mary, if you ever read this – come down and let us know what you think of the answer to ‘the Future of our High Streets’… (well, we reckon it is)