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#BOMBTHEBOX WEEK 5: Zombie & Teach 01/09/13 11AM-4PM

6 graffiti crews, 6 countries, 6 dates
1st August – 8th September

Week 5: 01/09/13 11am-4pm – Zombie & Teach (UK)

We’re are working with Aroe (affiliated with MSK & HA crews), one of the most legendary graffiti artists in the world, to invite 6 graffiti crews to East London.

Each Sunday, a different crew will represent their country by spraying their pieces directly onto the 20 ft container we’ve had dropped into Shoreditch.

We’ve had 4 crazy weeks, with crews from Serbia, Sweden and France all passing through…

This week we’ve got some local home-grown talent in the form of London boys Zombie & Teach coming down to hit up the shipping container!