Voodoo Your Ex BOXPARK Shoreditch

A Curious Invitation Pop-Up 03-09/02/14

Suzette Field of Tribune The Last Tuesday Society presents A Curious Invitation‘s pop up shop of oddities from the 3rd – 9th of February at BOXPARK Shoreditch. This ephemeral emporium will play host to a hand picked selection of the finest curiosities unearthed from the bowels of our Mare st. store, The Little Shop of Horrors.

With a murder of crows and a consort of glass domes, the shop’s interior is designed by artist Laura Drake Chambers.  She has also curated a special exhibition featuring artwork by Beatrice Banks, Jacob V Joyce, Harriet Mcdougall, Rhett Nicholl and Samuel Wyer.  Tickets for The Valentine’s Masked Ball of the Full Moon, SWF jewellery, Margot Magpies’s famous mouse taxidermy kits and Suzette Field’s book  ‘A Curious Invitation: Forty Greatest Parties in Literature’ will also be available in the store.

And for anyone searching for an anti-Valentine’s relief, a tonic for the broken hearted, we will be selling our custom made Voodoo Dolls with our ‘VOODOO YOU EX‘ service. E-mail in a photo of your treacherous former beau/belle, plus a list of five unpleasant fates that you would wish to befall them. For the modest sum of £19.95 you will be sent a voodoo doll bearing that person’s likeness with a different juju on each limb.Of course we can’t promise that your faithless ex will suffer death or dismemberment in the classic tradition of Claudius and Al, but they might succumb to a migraine, a stubbed toe or an unexpected tax bill.

Further information from www.acuriousinvitation.com