55DSL Design Animation Boxpark Shoreditch

55DSL's Boxpark Store Design Animamtion


This clip showcases the design and implementation of the 55DSL’s retail environment within Boxpark.

The clip gives a great insight into how BOXPARK is laid out as a whole, and the intricacies of the 55DSL store design, but above that…it just looks pretty cool.

Here’s what the designers had to say:

“55DSL’s retail environment consists of three container units that preside over the main western approach to the site. The store utilises a striking monochrome palette that cuts a swathe through the space, presenting an fragmented, characterful environment whilst retaining a neutral, unobtrusive backdrop to the displayed product.”

Store design by Rob Baxter & Gareth Hughes consulting at Barber design.

Animation produced by Gareth Hughes.